Chicago Edge SC provides a quality program for area soccer players at all levels promoting growth and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, in a challenging, rewarding environment, providing a high level of achievement and character development

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  Oak Park and River Forest's Youth Travel Soccer Club

  • creates soccer teams that combine youth players of a similar skill level; 
  • provides a focused and specialized coaching approach for each team resulting in each players accelerated soccer development;
  • fosters a positive atmosphere to build confidence and character in a supportive
  • places teams in their appropriate divisions so that all youth players benefit from a competitive soccer game and practice experience.

posted 08/21/2018
RSVP for Games

For regular outdoor league games the system sends out automatic game reminders via email 48 hours before an event. (Text reminders - if a cell # AND provider has been entered in your account - will go out 2.5 hours prior to an event). Those are the easiest ways to RSVP as the email contains a simple YES or NO button. Those reminders are sent out even if you have already RSVP’d for an event - I guess the system wants to give you the option to change your status.

Often though the coaches need to know sooner the status of your child, especially when it comes to tournaments as lots of paperwork has to be turned in, which takes time to prepare. For those situations you can set your status in advance.

  1. Simply log into your Edge account. Once logged in, you will see your Family Account.
  2. Next to your player is a small calendar icon. Click on that and it will take you to all events for his/her team.
  3. On any event click the little Thumbs Up icon and on the subsequent screen you can set attendance for your child.

Note: There can be issues when you have more than 1 player. If you have been viewing another teampage and then go through the steps outlined above, it can be that you won’t see the RSVP screen. When that happens, make sure that the CORRECT team is displayed above the events. If not, make sure you select your child’s team from the dropdown menu above the events. That usually takes care of the problem. If you still experience problems, don’t hesitate to shoot me an .

Another option to RSVP is to make use of the free app, SI App:, that comes with our web system provider. The app is called SI Play (Sports Illustrated Play) and is pretty popular amongst our families. Simply go to your usual app store and locate the app, install it and log in the same way you would on the Edge webpage. The app will automatically recognize what team to display.

Note: There is a known issue though with the app when starting a new season. Your child’s team is not always updated automatically. If you see the previous season’s team, simply log out and log back in. If it’s still wrong, delete the app and reinstall it. That usually solves that issue.

Hope that helps!

Thomas Schaller
Chicago Edge SC Webmaster


by posted 08/17/2018
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Rehm Park - Oak Park  -- 
Ridgeland Common - Oak Park TBD (10/21) 
Serpico Field - Melrose Park  -- 
Stevenson Park - Oak Park TBD (10/21) 
Taylor Park - Oak Park TBD (10/21) 
Thatcher Woods - River Forest TBD (10/21) 
Washington Commons - River Forest TBD (10/21) 
Washington Square Park - River Forest  -- 
Willard Bowl - River Forest  -- 
Willard Constitution - River Forest TBD (10/21) 
Willard South - River Forest TBD (10/21)